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Powerball Powerplay

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Date: Thu, Apr 24, 2014
Time: 5:30pm
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PowerBall PowerPlay

2-Man Pick your Partner 
9 hole Scramble with Handicaps

Both players will pay $10 cash. 
$2 will go directly to the "Power Ball" 
and the other $8 will be going to the game pay out. 
After the completion of the 9 holes we will randomly draw 
a number, the number that is drawn will then 
become the "Power Ball Hole". 
If there is a skin on the "Power Ball Hole" that team 
will take the entire Power Ball pot! 
If there is not a skin on that hole, 
the pot will continue over to the following weeks 
until it is won!!

Time: Every Thursday beginning at 5:30pm!!

All USGA rules will apply with the following local rules:
1. Men will play from the regular (Gold) tees. Senior Men ages 55 and older may elect to play from the (Blue) tees with the second adjustment..
2. All water hazards will be considered lateral water hazards and are defined by red lines.  In the absence of red lines, the break down to the water's edge will define the margin of the hazard.
3. Out of bounds is defined by white stakes and may also be defined by any public road. Reminder: relief without penalty is not permitted for obstructions that lie out of bounds.
4. Ground under repair is marked by enclosed white lines and includes the following:
a. All active fire ant mounds.
b. All flower beds
c. Ruts and damage caused by vehicles.
d. Any hole made by the ground's maintenance crew.
e. French drains and drainage areas adjacent to cart paths.
5. Local rule for pampas:  Pampas shall be played as a lateral hazard.  Reasonable evidence that the ball is in the pampas must be agreed to by a majority of the players in the group.  All penalty and relief procedures for a lateral hazard will apply. (USGA Rule 26-1).  If it cannot be determined which pampas the ball is lost in or the majority of players believe the ball to be lost as opposed to being in a pampas bush, the player must proceed under USGA Rule 27-1, ball lost or out of bounds. Proceed under the stroke and distance provision.
6. Local rules provide that a ball hit from hole #1 to the right of the hazard may be deemed lost in the hazard.  Additionally, a ball hit from hole #4 to the left of the hazard may be deemed lost in the hazard.
7. The embedded ball rule is in effect through the green.
8. A tie for first place gross or first place net will be settled by a scorecard playoff, beginning from the #1 handicap hole, and so forth.  All other ties will be split.

Rules Officials: Ken Fothergill, Drew Milburn, Adam Schmidt, Robert Esquivel
For more information, contact the ProShop at 281.392.2582.