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Tennis Guide

Members and their guests must observe the following rules at all times. 

1. Court Reservations: The reservation system is a part of the by-laws of the Clubs of Kingwood and shall be enforced as such. The reservation system is designed to be as fair to all Members as possible, allowing the largest possible number of Members to play at a given time. 

2. Registration: All Members and their guests are required to register prior to play. Members shall register in the pro shop, when it is open. Failure to register means the court may be reassigned through the pro shop. 

3. Guests: Each Member is responsible for the conduct of his or her guests. All guests must be registered and charged prior to play. Any nonmember of the Club shall be charged guest fees. 

4. Conduct: Courtesy and consideration should be observed at all times; Colonel Powell’s "The Code" shall be used as a basis for “tennis ethics” and interpretations not covered by USTA rules. Foul language and unsportsmanlike conduct are forbidden. Children are expected not to disturb or disrupt play; any children doing so will be asked to leave the facility. 

5. Dress: Proper tennis attire is to be worn at all times. Tennis shoes and shirts are necessary at all times. Cutoffs, track shoes and swimsuits are not acceptable. Men shall be required to wear shirts with sleeves. 

6. Shop Hours: The director of tennis sets up the pro shop hours. 

7. Tournaments: Any special activities scheduled for the tennis facility must be done so with the permission and under the direction of the director of tennis. Any and all associations formed at The Clubs of Kingwood shall be required to purchase their tournament prizes through their respective resident professionals. 

8. Damage: Any damage caused to part of the tennis facility is the financial responsibility of the Member whose membership number is used by the person causing the damage. 

9. Food and Beverage: No food, beverage or smoking shall be permitted on the courts. No food or beverage can be consumed on the Club premises unless purchased through the Club. 

10. Membership Cards: Members must show their membership card when making charges to their account, or may be asked to show it for purposes of identification. 

11. All rules of The Clubs of Kingwood apply to the tennis facility. Enforcement of any of the above by-laws rests with the director of tennis or his appointed staff. Infractions of the above rules shall result in warnings, followed by fines. Repeated violations of any rules will result in loss of membership.