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May 14 - May 30
Open weekends only (Saturday & Sunday)
10am - 8pm
Memorial Day Pool Party, Monday, May 30 11am - 8pm 

Mon-Fri Closed (except on Monday, May 26 for Memorial Day)
Sat-Sun 10am - 8pm
Memorial Day 11am - 8pm

June 2
The last day of school is Thursday, June 2. Early release

Thursday June, 2 2pm - 8pm

June 3 - Aug. 26

Mon. Closed
Tues-Fri 11am - 8pm 
Sat-Sun 10am - 8pm

Aug 27 - Sept 5
School begins Monday, Aug 22.
Open weekends only Aug 20 - Sept 5

Mon-Fri Closed
Labor Day Party   Monday, Sept 5 for Labor Day 11am - 8pm
Sat-Sun 10am - 8pm