Kevin McPhee

Role:Assistant General Manager
Serving Since:2012

Kevin McPhee is originally from the island of Bermuda. He has traveled extensively while working at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, The Stouffer Waiohai Resort in Hawaii, The Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C., and various restaurants including Roy’s Restaurants and TS Restaurants in Hawaii. Kevin graduated with a master's degree in hotel and restaurant management from Cornell University. Kevin’s passion for the hospitality industry is part of his DNA, and he is currently teaching online for two universities in the area of hospitality management.

Kevin and his wife Julie decided on Greenville as their new home based on its' charm and the love they felt the residents have for their beautiful city. They are very excited about this new chapter in their lives and are looking forward to being a part of Greenville’s continued growth and the warm hospitality they have felt thus far.

Kevin is also a painter using acrylics as his medium and also hand paints silk scarves. When time permits, he loves golf, bike riding, reading, and spending time with his wife.