Group Exercise

Body Blast

This is a high-cardio, high-intensity, full-body workout class. We use the step for intervals, punching bags for kickboxing and various weights for resistance training. It's a great workout and very intense.

Boot Camp Class

This indoor/outdoor training is focused on developing your strength, muscular definition and stamina. Exercises include push-ups, running, cardio circuit training and muscle fatigue lifting. The class routine is altered weekly to help promote weight loss and achieve a full-body workout.

Cardio Combo

This class is a high-intensity, low-impact step aerobic class that burns fat and calories. We use weights, balls and bands to energize and motivate you to continue a fitness program for life. We focus on using your core and abs for the entire hour. 

Cardio Fitball

This is a total-body workout. It begins with a warm-up and stretches. We do 30 minutes of low-impact cardio routines incorporating the fit/stability ball. Integrating the fitball into the cardio component provides a fabulous cardio workout with upper body and core strengthening. We dedicate 20 minutes to strengthening and toning major muscle groups using the stability ball and dumbbells. The class finishes with an intense core-strengthening component and a final stretch.

Low Impact

This class is an energizing and fun class that incorporates: 25 minutes of traditional non-impact simple routines that increase cardiovascular endurance, 25 minutes of muscular conditioning for body shaping, and 10 minutes of stretching and relaxation. This class is geared toward beginners. You burn calories and body fat.

Saturday Step

This is a full-hour step class with fun choreography. It's a great way to sweat. Step class is intermediate level, but all are welcome.

Strengthening and Lengthening

This class starts out with a warm-up, then a variety of stretches. The stretches flow into sustained yoga poses, core strengthening, and finally, relaxing meditation.

Total Workout

If you are looking for a class where you can get a total-body workout without getting bored, this is the class for you. We use strength training, step, kick-boxing and lots of fitness tools such as body bars, balls, tubes and bands to get you in shape. The most important thing is to have fun.

Water Aerobics

This high-intensity aqua class is a head-to-toe splash workout. This class combines a 30-minute non-impact water workout to increase cardiovascular endurance with 30 minutes of muscular strength and conditioning. This class is suitable for all fitness levels. *Seasonal

Walk Your Way To Fitness

This walking class works all facets of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. It is suitable for all fitness levels. Walking or cross-training sneakers are needed for this class. *Seasonal

Bend, Balance & Breathe

This class begins with a full-body warm-up, followed by flowing yoga sequences. In each class, students are guided through poses designed to strengthen the body core, which protects the spine and develops flexibility through the four movements. You are only as old as the flexibility of your spine, so feel younger and stronger as you get centered, grounded, elevated, rotated and oxygenated in these flow classes. They are great for all levels and ages.

Hatha Yoga

This hour is composed of creative and invigorating flows of Hatha Yoga postures designed to bring in the morning with vigor and vibrancy. This class flows at a moderate level and is meant for everyone, from beginners to advanced yogis. Join us for a challenging, yet relaxing practice that definitely tones and strengthens your physical body, while brightening your spirit.


This class begins with a pranayam (breathing exercise) and moves into yoga asana (exercises) blending breath, movement and focus to energize the body and strengthen the glandular and immune systems while developing flexibility and core strength. Classes are closed with a time for relaxation and rejuvenation. This practice is useful for achieving emotional well-being and stress relief. Beginners are welcome.


Zumba is a one-hour class of calorie-burning, heart-racing, muscle-pumping fun. The routines feature interval training sessions of fast and slow rhythms, all set to Latin Salsa music. It will be the most fun you've had in a long time. Join the fitness party!