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It is the desire of The Hills Country Club to provide a cordial, professional and casual family environment for its Members to enjoy. As such, the Board of Governors has adopted the following dress code policy to foster an environment of respect, courtesy and decorum while balancing Member comfort and facility with the goal of maintaining The Hills Country Club as one of Austin’s premier country clubs.

The Club reserves the right to deny access to anyone improperly dressed and appreciates your cooperation.

Dress for special events may be defined for that occasion and prevailing dress definitions may be waived.

The dress code expectations are as follows:

Members are responsible for understanding and agreeing to adhere to the dress code policy while on premises. The Member is responsible for informing all family members and guests of this policy and is responsible for ensuring their family members and guests are attired properly.

I. Hills Clubhouse, Flintrock Falls Clubhouse and World of Tennis Facility:

  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times. Shirts are to be tucked in unless attire is specifically designed otherwise. Appropriate jeans* and denim* are permitted in the pro shops, Nicklaus Grille, Bin 26, Flintrock Dining Room, ladies’ locker room and men’s locker room.
  • Cutoffs, halter-tops, bare-midriff tops, revealing, faded, torn or tattered clothing of any type, wind or jogging shorts or T-shirts designed as strictly undergarments are not appropriate attire and are not permissible.
  • Offensive T-shirts are prohibited.
  • Swimwear shall not be allowed in the main clubhouses, main dining rooms or tennis pro shop at any time. Facilities are available to change before proceeding to other areas of the country club.

*Appropriate denim/jeans are defined as being in good repair and consistent in color. They should not be tattered, frayed, patched, discolored or otherwise in disrepair.

II. Waterfall Dining Room policy is as follows:

  • No denim of any color, shorts, swimwear, exercise attire, bare midriffs, men’s caps or hats or men’s tank tops are allowed in the Waterfall Room.
  • On occasion, the Waterfall Dining Room may be used as an overflow for the Nicklaus Grille or Bin 26. When this occurs, the dress code for the Nicklaus Grille will govern.
  • Dress code for children should be keeping with standards set for adults.
  • Special events will dictate exceptions as published.


  • Tuesday nights from May 1 through October 1, Bermuda style shorts will be allowed.
  • New member orientations on Tuesdays and Saturdays – Nicklaus Grille dress code applies.
  • Family Nights on Wednesdays, Bingo Beer & BBQ on Fridays, C&W Dinner Dances – Nicklaus Grille dress code applies.

III. Men’s and women’s card and locker rooms:

  • Dress in keeping with the standards established for participation in Club activities.

IV. Golf course attire shall be worn on the golf course, driving range, practice greens and shall be defined as follows:

Men golfers:

  • Shirt must have collar or turtleneck (mock if 1 1⁄2-inch minimum collar height from seam). Shirt must be tucked in.
  • Slacks or golf shorts must have a zipper or buttons.

Women golfers:

  • Shirt must have collar or sleeves or both.
  • Skirt, slacks, skort or golf shorts must be of acceptable and appropriate golf length.

Junior golfers:

  • On the golf course – same as adult golfers.
  • On the practice facilities – ages 10 and over – same as adult golfers.
  • Under age 10 – tennis shoes are allowed.

Shoes – all golfers:

  • Only soft spiked golf shoes are permitted. The golf pro shop must approve other shoes (such as tennis shoes).

Not permitted on the golf courses:

  • Denim – jeans, skirts or shorts of any color (denim allowed in pro shop only)
  • Tank tops, halter-tops, midriff-baring shirts, short shorts, mini skirts/skorts, sweat pants, jams, tennis shorts, jogging shorts, sport shorts or cargo shorts
  • Metal spikes on shoes

V. Tennis attire shall be worn on the tennis courts and tennis shop only and shall be define as follows:

  • When participating in tennis activities, proper tennis attire is expected at all times including shorts, tennis tops, warm-ups and sweat suits.
  • Tennis shoes only with nonmarking soles must be worn on courts.
  • No cutoffs, blue jeans, swimsuits or bare feet are allowed.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Men’s sleeveless shirts with hemmed armholes are allowed.
  • Offensive T-shirts are prohibited.

VI. World of Tennis Fitness Center:

  • Closed toe shoes are required at all times.
  • Proper fitness attire is required at all times in the fitness center. Proper fitness attire is defined as athletic clothing that is specifically designed for fitness workouts.
  • No bare midriffs are allowed. The bottom of the shirt must touch the top of the shorts.
  • Shirts must be work at all times.
  • Sleeveless shirts with hemmed armholes are allowed.
  • Cutoff shorts and shirts are not allowed at any time.
  • Offensive T-shirts are prohibited.

VII. Appropriate swimming attire shall be worn while using the swimming facilities and shall be defined as follows:

  • Regulation swimwear which is designed for swim activities.
  • Two-piece swimwear may be worn so long as it provides appropriate cover. No thongs, string bikinis, offensive or revealing swimwear will be permitted.
  • Swim cover wear and shoes shall be worn to and from the pool at all times.
  • Beach shoes are permitted.
  • Infants not toilet-trained must wear swim diapers.
  • No blue jeans or cutoffs are allowed in the pool at any time.


Members entering Club (dining area, golf shop, etc.) who are inappropriately dressed, will be advised by the hostess/supervisor before being seated or proceeding with the sports activity. Those inappropriately dressed will not be seated.

If staff notices the inappropriate dress after the Member (guest) has been seated and if the violation is not repetitive or severe, the Member/guest will be served. The supervisor will speak to the Member regarding the infraction to ensure clarification of the dress code so as to avoid a repeat incident. Additionally, a H.E.A.T./service recovery form will be completed by an Employee Partner and forwarded to the general manager for review and for action as appropriate.

If the Member violates the code a second time, the staff is to report the violation to the general manager. The Member will receive a letter from the general manager citing the breech with a reminder that the Member must comply with the dress code.

A third violation may result in loss of Club privileges. While suspended, Members must continue to pay full dues as billed. The general manager may call upon Members of the Board of Governors as needed for recommendations of disciplinary action.

Management has the right to approve or disapprove of dress attire.