Shea Conroy

Role: Service Director
Serving Since: 2010
Phone Number: 806.742.4496 X 232
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I was born in Odessa, Texas and after moving around the United States for fourteen years, finally found my way back to Texas. I am proud to call myself a Texan and hope to never leave. Outside the club I am an avid football fan who bleeds red and black on Saturdays and black and yellow on Sundays. Born and raised a Steelers fan and have never looked back, it would be hard to see past all the Lombardi trophies anyway.
I have been with The Texas Tech Club since its inception. I have had the pleasure of serving drinks to its fine members as well as growing relationships with y'all for three years as its bartender. Through hard work I was promoted to banquet captain and eventually service manager. Although I do miss being behind the bar, I am beyond excited about the opportunity to build even more relationships with the member base. I look forward to ensuring that the patrons of The Texas Tech Club continue to receive the exceptional service they deserve.