Kat Westerman

Kathleen Westerman - Treesdale Golf & Country Club - Gibsonia - PA
Role:Assistant Private Events Director
Serving Since:2001

I have been at Treesdale for nearly 10 years now. While attending high school at Seneca Valley in 2001, I worked here as a Server’s Assistant. After graduating in 2003 at the age of 18, I progressed to be a Server. During that time, I attended Bradford School of Business in Pittsburgh and graduated in 2004 with an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Business with the focus of being a Paralegal. During my employment here, I held positions at local law firms, but was personally drawn back to Treesdale full time. Within the past three years, I was promoted to being the Daylight Supervisor and have worked toward being the Assistant Private Events Director.

I was born and raised locally in Evans City. In 2005, I was blessed to have identical twin daughters, Faith and Haley.

You can reach me at Kathleen.Westerman@clubcorp.com