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FSU Football Information


University Center Club

FSU Football Game Day Policies & Procedures

The University Center Club (UCC) is reserved exclusively for UCC Members and their guests on game day. Advanced reservations are available and can be made every year beginning August 1st by calling 850.644.8528; additionally by placing your one time advanced reservation, Members are able to expedite the check-in process and ensure their reservation for the remainder of the season.


Advanced Reservation Check-in Procedures 

What to bring with you:

In order to check-in and enter the Club, Members will need to bring the following items to the check-in table:

  1. UCC Membership Card
  2. A Photo ID
  3. Game tickets

Who will be admitted into the Club:

Members and their immediate family listed on the membership will be admitted into the Club free of charge. Immediate family is defined as:

  1. Member (Primary)
  2. Spouse (or Spousal Substitute; see the Spousal Substitution section below for further details)
  3. Dependent children as listed on Membership under 21 (Children 21 and older will be counted as guests)

Spousal Substitution:

When a Member’s spouse does not attend an FSU Home Football Game, a Member is allowed to bring another person in place of their spouse and check them in for FSU Home Football Games.

  1. Spousal Substitutes MUST be checked-in prior to kick-off.
  2. The Primary Member or the Primary Member Spouse listed on the Membership account MUST be present with the Spousal Substitute in order to check-in.
  3. Members may only bring up to 2 guests per membership on game day (Member’s children over the age of 21 will be considered guests).
  4. $15 per guest fee applies and will be billed to the membership account.
  5. Members will only be billed for guest fees if their guests are actually checked-in to the game.
  6. Members MUST be present in order for the guests to be checked-in, no exceptions.
  7. Guests will be required to wear a different colored wrist-band than the Member.
  8. Guests are allowed to access the 6th floor Grille 3 ½ hours prior to kick-off.
  9. Guests are allowed to access the 3rd floor Ballroom ONLY during the 1st & 4th Quarters (This policy will not remain true in the event that maximum capacity, as established by fire code, has been reached).

Guest Policy:

Check-In Locations:

  1. Gate X (Main Entrance to UCC) - Advanced Reservations, Grille Tickets, General Club Admittance
  2. Gate E – Advanced Reservations, Grille Tickets, General Club Admittance
  3. Gate C – West Side Skyboxes Only
  4. Gate K – East Side Skyboxes Only 

FAQ: Club Access Details:

How early can I check-in to the Club?
UCC Members and Guests can check-in and enter the Club 3 ½ hours prior to kickoff and enjoy the pre-game festivities in the Osceola Grille and Ballroom. Then 30 minutes prior to kickoff, only Grille ticket holders are permitted to remain in the  Osceola Grille.

When can I access the Ballroom? When can my guests access the Ballroom?
Members may access the Ballroom the entirety of the game. Members’ Guests may only access the Ballroom during pre-game (3 ½ hours prior to kick-off), and the 1st and 4th quarters.

What’s in the Ballroom?
During the game, Members and Guests can enjoy Ballroom access to the Club.

The Ballroom will have many features including the game playing on the big screens, concession stands, full bar, a DJ, indoor restrooms and air conditioning.

Who can enjoy the 6th floor Club Table Buffet?

  1. Grille Ticket Holders
  2. Members, dependents, and Members Guests who have already checked-in and wish to purchase Buffet wristbands may do so and enjoy the buffet 3 ½ hours prior to kick-off. (Member or Credit Card charges available. Cash not accepted)

Do my dependents, guests and spousal substitute need to be with me to check-in?
YES! The Member must be present for any dependents, spousal substitute or guests to check-in. Dependents under the age of 18 will not be allowed access unless they are accompanied by a parent. Additionally, Members are responsible for their children, guests and guests children’s behavior. Members, guests and children displaying inappropriate behavior as determined by management, may be asked to leave the Club due to the circumstances.

What if my guests do not come to the game or check-in at all, will I still be billed?
No. Your Member account will only be billed if your guests actually check-in with you.


Grille Tickets Policies & Procedures 

Purchase Grille tickets to watch the game from the best seats in the house - the

Osceola Grille and Terraces! Enjoy the Football Buffet through the third quarter.

Reserve your opportunity to be treated like a chief at one of this year's Seminole football games - there is no better place for Seminole Spirit (and spirits) than the Osceola Grille! 

  • Enjoy first come, first served seating inside the Osceola Grille, as well as open-air seating on either of the two spacious, covered terraces.
  • Each Grille ticket includes game admission, all-you-can-eat buffet and non-alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages sold separately.
  • Full bar is available for member or credit card charges. Cash not accepted.
  • Ticket deadline is Monday, April 18, 2014. Tickets are non-refundable and will be mailed out in August. 2015 – TBD.
  • After the ticket deadline (April 18), if a game has been sold out, a lottery will be held. The memberships drawn will get only two tickets for that game. 2015 – TBD.
  • Each person must have a Grille ticket regardless of age. You do not need an FSU game ticket if you have a Grille ticket.
  • Tickets may not be resold via Internet auction (i.e., ebay). Any ticket holder who attempts to sell UCC Grille tickets for more than face value (scalping) will lose future purchasing privileges.
  • Tickets may not be exchanged during the course of the game. Exchanging tickets in order to allow more than one individual into the Osceola Grille on the same ticket will result in the loss of the ticket entirely for the remainder of the game, as well as the loss of future purchasing privileges.
  • Parking is not provided.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The 6th floor Grille and Terrace seating have been pre-set for maximum capacity. The chairs CANNOT be re-arranged. 

Friday Night Tailgate Buffet

Friday night prior to each home game, University Center Club hosts the ultimate

pre-tailgating party, featuring an overflowing buffet, drink specials and more! (a la carte dining not available) 

Saturday after the Game

The Club reserves the right to close following the game. Check with the Member Services Representative for hours of operation. 

Seminole Sunday Brunch

Join us to celebrate the game weekend in the Osceola Grille from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Large parties are welcome! Reservations are recommended.