Each side of the terrace is being set up with a fully equipped bar and concession stand. Along with a smoke house to cook Game Day Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. In addition the tent covers that will reach and cover the entire terraces will soon be installed. We can't wait to see the completed job!


The Sixth Floor Osceola Grille has newly installed windows in place, wider, taller and better than before. Once the extension of the terraces and the renovations on the sixth floor are complete Members will be able to once again enjoy their favorite stadium view of Doak Campbell Stadium.

There are only 95 days left until construction is completed and we can not wait to see the final result!!


Due to construction the University Center Club has opened additional available parking in the student lot. Members may park in the first two lanes of the Student Lot (shown above in the yellow circle).

The Student Lot is located on the left side of the Unconquered Statue or on the opposite side to the Visitor Lot. Members need only to show their Membership Card to the attendant in the parking lot to gain access.


Continued development of Doak Campbell Stadium is making great headway, the elevator towers have been almost completely covered with the famous red bricks to match the rest of the stadium.

The 4th floor Champions Club has taken shape and the construction of main bar has begun (as seen above). The 6th floor dining area is still in the process of being extended, but the walkway that will be in front of the dining area has been built and will be revealed when construction is completed.

Also the first floor main entrance to University Building B is currently under construction. For alternate entrance and parking information visit our website.




Beginning Monday, May 2nd the Main Entrance to
University Center Building B 
will temporarily re-routed due to construction.

The University Center Club will remain OPEN, 
as well as the Seminole Sportshop and the FSU Visitor Center.
Building access will be available through Gates E and H.

Visitor Parking Lot
(Members, Guests, Visitor Parking)

Student & Faculty Lot
(Members ONLY parking; Membership Card required for parking access)

Golf carts will be available to transport those needing assistance 
from the parking lots to the entrances.




Pictured above is the South End Zone, the top is a recent picture of construction and the bottom is a rendering of the Champions Club Campaign.

As you can see the 5th floor seats have been raised up and the 4th floor Champions Club is beginning to take shape. Along with the 3rd Floor open-air concourse that will be connected to the 3rd floor Ballroom.

Comparing the two images, gives a clear idea of the accomplishments and further progress that will be made in the months to come.



The bricks that have recently begun covering the elevator towers two weeks ago are now close to reaching the top. Making the new additions to Doak Campbell Stadium blend seamlessly into the architecture. 

The bracing for the stairwell is being installed and can be seen from the outside in front of the towers. 

Also the Construction Teams have been installing glass window panels on the 4th Floor  as shown in the picture above. It is an amazing experience to witness the development of the stadium and its transformation that is happening!


During Home Football Games UCC Members will have access to the 3rd Floor Grand Ballroom, where Members can enjoy a Game Day Buffet, A La Carte concessions and a full bar. Additionally, on Game Days, Members can bring everyone on listed on their membership and up to two guests.

The 3rd Floor Grand Ballroom’s new addition of the open-air concourse will allow Members to have access directly to the Ballroom from the stadium from both the east and west sides, enjoy indoor and outdoor seating, outdoor TVs and Indoor Projector Screens displaying the Game and canopies covering the open-air concourse.

The University Center Club will begin taking Advanced Football Reservations on August 1st. 850.644.8528


The rainy weather hasn't slowed down the Construction Team and it is an amazing sight to see the progress of their hard work on display. Currently the they are adding bricks to the Elevator Towers that match the rest of our beautiful Doak Campbell Stadium. 

Looking forward to all the amazing additions that the stadium and the University Center Club will be privileged to once construction is completed!


In addition to all the new renovations, Florida State has recently approved a new video board for Doak Campbell Stadium.

The new board will measure 120'x 56' while the current board is only 100'x 24'. It is three times larger and more than two times higher than the old system.

The video board will be be located in the north end zone. The main screen will be display a high-definition image.

Article on New Videoboard

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