(Pictured above are the beams for the terrace roofs)

Construction has made a lot of headway in these past three months. The stairways are clearly visible and the construction teams are currently working on the spray foam for the 3rd floor ceiling and fireproofing the 4th floor. Also as pictured above the beams for the terrace roofs have begun to go up and will cover both the east and west sides.

Check out this article by the Tallahassee Democrat talking about the developments and how we have less than 6 months left before Football Season and the opening of a brand new stadium!

Tallahassee Democrat Article 


The construction around the stadium is making monumental progress and the construction team is even ahead of schedule.

The stairs in the elevator towers are beginning to take shape and can be seen from the outside of the stadium. The construction team has started putting down layers of insulation in the stadium and are preparing the finalizing layers of concrete on the terraces. The vision of the Champions Club and the University Center Club are beginning to take shape!

Also check out our Membership Director, Cherrie Barbree in her CONSTRUCTION UPDATE VIDEOS as she shows the pouring of the concrete for the extension of the terraces and the walkway on the 6th floor. 

Have you seen Cherrie's Construction Update Videos? Check out these personal tours of what's happening with the construction as Cherrie explains what is being worked on and shows the progress of the Champions Club and the University Center Club.

Watch Cherrie Construction Videos

Elevator Towers

The two elevator towers are quickly rising in front of Doak Campbell Stadium. When finished, they will contain six high speed elevators that will be used for private access to the University Center Club and the Champions Club on Game Days.

University Center Club Member Check-In will be located in front of the West Side Tower and Champions Club Seat Holders Check-In will be located in front of the East Side Tower. 




Amazing progress is happening with the stadium construction! The photos above depict the development of the Champions Club flooring now that the concrete has been poured. Additionally, the beams for the southeast and southwest terraces have been installed to prepare for the 24ft extension. If you look closely, you can also see that the beams for the expansion of the University Center Club 6th floor Osceola Grille are also in place. 

New video posted on YouTube about the Champions Club, including major updates on the construction progress at Doak Campbell Stadium. Check it out by clicking on the link below.

Champions Club Video Update


As you can see in the photo above the 3rd Floor concession stands have been removed in order to make way for the 3rd Floor concourse expansion.

This week the construction workers have been pouring in concrete in order to finish up the flooring for the Champions Club. By Monday we should have a true idea of the space. Within the next couple of weeks, we will be able to see the elevator towers sidings of brick and mosaic go up.



Due to construction part of Champions Way is blocked off. The only way to access the Visitor Parking Lot is from either Stadium Drive or Gaines Street.

If you are driving south on Stadium Drive make a left on Hendry Street to Champions Way.

If you are driving west on Gaines Street make a right onto Hendry/Champions Way.

Once there make an immediate right and the Visitor Parking Lot is to the right of the dead end.

(Route is shown by the green line on the map above)

Access to the main entrance from the Parking Lot is in Building B located directly in front of the Unconquered Statue. 


Did you know that you can get a front row seat to the renovations happening at the club with a live web cam?

It's set up 24/7 and can be watched online on the Champions Campaign website.

See the amazing progress the construction team has made in such a short amount of time. 

As of today, the webcam shows the bleachers in the South East End zone from the 3rd floor up have been removed along with the 6th floor lower level. The outward facing side of the temporary wall in the Osceola Grille is visible along with one of the towers for the upcoming high speed elevators. 

Witness the expansion of the University Center Club and the Champions Club level as it comes together for an amazing football season this September 2016!


The Champions Club is an enhancement to the University Center Club which includes premium club seating located in the South Endzone with access to a new 70,000 square foot venue located on the 4th floor.

Gameday Access 2016

  • University Center Club Members:
  1. 3rd Floor Ballroom
  2. 3rd Floor New Open-Air Concourse

*University Center Club Members will have the opportunity to purchase single game Club Seats or more commonly known as “Grille Tickets” starting in May 2016. These tickets will allow access to the following spaces listed below for Champions Club Seat Holders.

  • University Center Club Member Seat Holders:
  1. 4th Floor Champions Club
  2. 6th Floor Osceola Grille/Terraces
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