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Host a fabulous event and enjoy your vision with your guests at your side. Our events team help with everything from food to decorations to entertainment, and our staff makes sure your event is truly memorable. No matter what the event, we'll create the appropriate mood and take the stress out of hosting. (Don't worry, you still get all the credit.)

Private Dining and Event Rooms

Whitney Dining Room

Whitney Dining Room is the largest dining room in the clubhouse available for Sunday Brunch, occasional dining and special events, and is available for private events.

Chesterfield Room

Chesterfield Room is adjacent to the Whitney Dining Room, available for occasional dining, special events and private events.

Charleston Dining Room

Charleston Dining Room is an intimate dining room featuring a fireplace and is perfect for private events and occasional evening dining.

Palmetto Dining Room

Palmetto Dining Room is located on the second floor of the clubhouse and is used for smaller Club events and gatherings or private functions and meetings.

* Please note: All of our rooms are perfect for other styles of events such as cocktail parties and theatre seating (rows) can accommodate larger groups. 

To rent a private dining room or to learn more, please call Tonya Fulmer, our Private Events Director, at 803.649.3383  ext. 242.