E.P.C.F. Board Members

The Employee Partners Care Foundation is composed of seven Employee Partners. Employee Partners that serve on the Board do so on a voluntary basis. The Board approves requests, and determines the amount and type of assistance provided to Employee Partners. 

Tony Harms 
Tony serves as the President of the E.P.C.F. He joined ClubCorp in 2001 and is currently a Vice President in Information Technology. Prior to that, Tony served 9 years in a variety of Financial and Information Technology rolls with Lockheed Martin (Sandia Laboratories). He holds a BBA in Accounting from Baylor University as well as an MBA in Information Technology from the University of New Mexico.

Katie Zook
Katie serves as the Secretary of the E.P.C.F. She joined ClubCorp in 1989 and is the Director of Member Services at the Home Office of ClubCorp. 

Susie Maxey
Susie serves as Treasurer of the E.P.C.F. She joined ClubCorp in 2012 and is currently Vice President of Club Accounting. Susie started her career in public accounting at Coopers & Lybrand (now Price Waterhouse Coopers, LLC) and has since held various leadership positions in accounting and audit in industries including oil & gas, hospitality and retail. Susie holds a BBA in Management and Accounting from the University of North Texas and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Rick Kroner
Rick Kroner serves as a Board Member of the E.P.C.F. Rick joined ClubCorp in 2002 and has been General Manager at clubs in Seattle, Dallas, and is now at Mid-America Club in Chicago. Rick holds a Bachelors Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from University of Wisconsin. 

Stephanie Riordan
Stephanie serves as a Board Member of the E.P.C.F. She joined ClubCorp in 2012 and is a Marketing Manager at the Home Office of ClubCorp. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising/Public Relations from Texas Christian University.

Matt Zuckerman
Matt Zuckerman serves as a Board Member of the E.P.C.F.  He joined ClubCorp in 2006 and has held positions as F&B Director, Regional Manager and is currently the General Manager at Aliso Viejo Country Club in California. Matt is very proud that Aliso Viejo Country Club is a top fundraiser for the ClubCorp Charity Classic every year. Matt graduated from the University of Arizona with an Economics Degree.

Trisha Inge
Trisha serves as the Coordinator of the E.P.C.F. She is responsible for receiving applications, gathering additional information, and dispersing funds accordingly.