By selecting a category and classification of membership that includes ONE benefits, I acknowledge that certain home club food and beverage discounts are included with my/our ONE benefits. I acknowledge that all of the authorized users under my/our ONE benefits (includes Primary Member, spouse and all eligible dependents as defined by the Club’s Rules and Regulations) shall receive a fifty percent (50%) discount off certain dine-in food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases (as defined by the Club) at my/our home club, but that such discount shall not be applicable toward Club holiday or special events, private events, alcoholic beverages, guest charges, applicable service charges or the equivalent thereof (which shall be calculated on the full ticket amount), or applicable taxes and that such discount may not be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions. I acknowledge that participation in certain My Community benefits and in My World benefits are included in my/our ONE benefits. I acknowledge and agree that the applicable upgrade monthly dues for participation in the ONE offering is included in Member’s total monthly dues, which shall be subject to increase from time to time. I agree to pay any charges I incur at the participating Community and World clubs upon receipt of my/our monthly statement and to conform to and be bound by the membership bylaws and rules and regulations of the participating clubs.

I acknowledge that I have reviewed the terms and conditions associated with ONE benefits, including, but not limited to, the terms and conditions stated herein and those associated with My Club, My Community and My World benefits, and I agree to all such terms and conditions and agrees that any of the terms and conditions or benefits may be amended, modified and/or discontinued by the Club at any time.