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Frequently asked questions


The ARIZONA SOCIETY of Clubs is a Premier Membership available to Members at all Participating Society Clubs within Arizona.  The Society extends Membership benefits and privileges beyond “the walls” of a Member’s home Club.

How do I make reservations?

All reservations for local and traveling privileges should be made through ClubLine at (866) 989-4653 or you may place your request online at  This includes all reservations for all ClubCorp properties, including Associate benefits.

How will ClubLine benefit me?

ClubLine will save you TIME and MONEY and is available at no additional cost to you.  One call to the ClubLine and you can make tee times, dining reservations, make travel arrangements, or purchase tickets to the most desirable theatre and sporting events in your town.  This will allow you more personal freedom to play golf, spend time with family and friends or take that weekend getaway.

How do I pay for services provided by ClubLine? 

A credit card will be required to purchase all items and services set up through ClubLine.  Your Member Charge will still be accepted at all Participating Society Clubs for golf, dining, tennis, etc.  Access to the ClubLine is provided complimentary as a part of your ARIZONA SOCIETY Membership. 

How do I find out about individual benefits?

It’s easy! Simply log onto our website at for specific information to stay “connected” to all of your ARIZONA SOCIETY benefits. Our website will also allow you access to Club calendars. Also, Members who provide the ARIZONA SOCIETY with their home and/or office email address(es) will receive periodic updates about upcoming concerts, special events and Society Specials.

Why do I need a Membership card?

Members may be asked to present their Membership card when using Society benefits at Affiliate Clubs.  In addition, reservation numbers are available on the back of the card, for your convenience.  The card details your Name, your Membership Number, the city of your Home and your Home Club Number.  This is information that may be requested of you before a request for service can be provided.  Please retain this card, as it will allow you access to your Society benefits. Lost cards may be replaced with a nominal fee.