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Frequently asked questions

How do I make tee times, dining reservations and inquire about tickets?

Contact ClubLine for all reservations, including tee times, dining and ticket requests for local and traveling privileges.

Why do I need a membership card?

Members are asked to present their membership card while enjoying Society benefits at participating clubs and venues. The ClubLine reservation number is on the back of the card for your convenience. Your membership card details your name, membership number, city of your Home Club and Home Club number. This is information that may be requested before service at a club can be provided. Please retain this card as it allows you access to your Society benefits. Lost cards may be replaced for a nominal fee.

How do I pay for services provided by Society?

Your membership card or a major credit card is accepted at participating clubs for golf, dining and so on.

How do I find out about individual benefits?

Use the benefits finder in the Benefits section of this website.

How do I stay connected to my Society services and benefits?

Members who provide Society with an email address receive weekly club events and tickets emails about upcoming events, concerts, shows and special events. You can also use the calendar on this site to find out what's happening at local clubs. 

Do I have a different membership number?

The Society number is the same number previously issued by your Home Club. When making reservations, please identify yourself as a Member with Society benefits and give your complete membership number. This assures that you receive the preferred Society pricing for certain events.

How do Society statements work?

You receive one monthly statement from your Home Club. Statements reflect charges incurred at all Society clubs and credits through the closing date of that month, as well as dues charged for the coming month. Questions regarding statements should be directed to your Home Club’s accounting office.

Are reservations required?

Advance reservations are required for golf, lunch, dinner and tennis at all Society clubs. All reservations for tee times, dining reservations and tickets are to be made directly through ClubLine at 1.800.433.5079. Events in the newsletter are to be made directly with the clubs unless otherwise noted. 

How do I pay tabs and service charges?

All food and beverage services rendered are acknowledged by signing a charge ticket with your name and membership number. An automatic service charge is added to each ticket as well as applicable sales tax. The service charge ensures a well-qualified professional staff member to maintain quality standards of the highest caliber. Club bylaws provide that all service personnel share in the service charge; additional gratuities are not required.

Contact ClubLine with any more questions.