Society provides expanded access to a collection of private clubs and premium benefits.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase tickets or make dining and tee time reservations?

All dining and tee time reservations can be made through ClubLine. You may also place your request online if more than 48 hours in advance. TicketLine is your personal ticket concierge for the hottest concerts, theater and sporting events in town. You also receive a weekly ticket email every Tuesday morning with a link to our exclusive interactive TicketLine website, which allows you to browse ticket inventory, view seating charts and make purchases online anytime, day or night.

What are Society Select benefits?

In the spirit of exploring your Society benefits and as a special thank you for being a Member, we are pleased to provide all Members a monthly value-added benefit called “Society Select.” These benefits are designed to enhance the value of your existing Society privileges and acquaint you with other participating clubs. Please note: “Select Benefits” cannot be redeemed at your Home Club.

How will Society benefit me?

We can save you time and money! One call to ClubLine, and you can make tee times, dining reservations, ticket requests or travel arrangements. This allows you more personal freedom to play golf, spend time with family and friends or take that weekend getaway.

How do I pay for services and tickets? 

Your membership card or a major credit card is accepted at participating Society clubs for golf, dining and so on. Please remember to carry your membership card with you when visiting a Society or associate club.                     

How do I find out about participating clubs and benefits?

Visit the Society website to get the most up-to-date information about your membership privileges.

How do I stay ”connected” to my Society services and benefits?

Our goal is to keep you informed, connected and engaged so you can get the most out of your Society benefits. Here are three tools you can use to learn more about your Society benefits.

  1. The website Online monthly calendar of events, updated golf rates, current Society Select offers, driving directions, list of participating clubs and much more.
  2. Emails: With our weekly email, find up-to-the-minute events available in Detroit including event tickets, club and affiliate promotions and new amenities added to Society.
  3. ClubLine: They are available Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm EST. They assist you with all your questions and reservations.

Why do I need a membership card?

Members are asked to present their membership card when using Society benefits at Affiliate clubs. In addition, phone numbers are on the back of the card, for your convenience. The card details your name, your membership number, the city of your Home Club and your Home Club number (9xxxx). This is information that is requested before service can be provided. Please retain this card, as it allows you access to your Society benefits. Lost cards may be replaced with a nominal fee.

Club rules
It is the intent of the Board of Governors of each club to enforce rules and regulations for the mutual enjoyment of their club by all Members and their guests. The enforcement of these rules is placed in the hands of carefully selected and trained staff whose responsibility is to provide the courtesy, comforts, privileges and services to which you, as a Member with Society benefits, are entitled. It is the duty of the Member to cooperate with the management and staff of each participating club in their enforcement.

*Society Benefits, participating clubs and vendors are subject to change or cancellation at any time.