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Houston Society  Member Testimonials

Society indeed is the spice of life, from playing a round of golf with fellow Members, to enjoying a nice dinner with family and friends. We would love to hear about your golf, dining, concert, theater, or sporting event experience. Please share them with us by sending us your testimonials.

For golf events around town


“I use the TicketLine and the Rounds of Invitation all the time with my work. I work for a small company that cannot justify buying season tickets for all of the sporting events in Houston. The TicketLine allows me to buy great seats on a short-term basis for a fair price.

The Houston Society gives me the ability to play 5-6 different clubs in the Houston area. This allows me to take clients in all quadrants of the city to a club close to their home.

This can all be done under one membership at Willow Creek."

–Martin Hupp, Willow Creek GC, Houston, TX


For golfing and travel around the world


"Lately we have been very busy, doing a huge amount of business and personal travel.  The Signature Gold dining benefits have been terrific. 

Let me give you an example of recent uses. In the month of June we visited Dallas on more than one occasion.  There are two Signature Gold dining opportunities for us to use.  The Tower Club, downtown, is most enjoyable.  Getting an essentially free three-course gourmet meal there has been great! We had the opportunity to host some business colleagues at the La Cima Club in Las Colinas (Dallas) this is one of my favorites.  I get to use it most months.  Our guests were so impressed, particularly when they heard how the program operates; they are currently joining the club with Signature Gold benefits.  The food and the service at La Cima is fantastic.  I love the views over Dallas after sunset.  We have also used the less formal areas for meetings with small groups. 

Also in June, we were attending a convention in Pittsburgh.  We walked to the Rivers Business Club.  The ClubLine had made us reservations - efficient and helpful.  We were made to feel welcome.  Our guest, who accompanied us, had a wonderful time.  The restaurant was quiet, allowing easy conversation.  The food was delicious and well presented.  All in all a very good evening; mostly for free!

And then.... our son and daughter were in New York for a brief time,  so with the help of ClubLine, they went to Club 21 for a complimentary  Signature Gold dinner, which they enjoyed. The weather has been either too hot or too rainy, otherwise we would have found at least one opportunity to play golf at one of the Signature Gold golf courses.

Over the past year, we have used complimentary dining facilities in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, New York, Nashville, and Memphis.  We have also used the complimentary dining in Los Angeles and Oahu in Hawaii. I have played golf in Las Vegas and intend playing in Aspen later this year.

One of the more interesting benefits was using the club in Taipei, Taiwan.  The receptionist was very quick to tell me that the club was for members only.  When I showed her my Signature Gold card, she called the manager who gave us personal attention.  Nice! The value we get from Signature Gold is outstanding! Enjoy! Paul"

Paul Wainstein, Houston City Club, Bellaire, TX 


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