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Society of Lone Star Clubs Member Testimonials

Society indeed is the spice of life, from playing a round of golf with fellow Members, to enjoying a nice dinner with family and friends. We would love to hear about your golf, dining, concert, theater, or sporting event experience. Please share them with us by sending us your testimonials.

For golf events and entertainment around town


“Over the years I have been privileged to use my Society membership numerous times and have never been disappointed. I've used my Pass to Play Golf to play every course made available through that part of your membership and have loved every outing. I also have enjoyed the Pass to Play Dining feature and have used it in the past as well, although I have to admit I've usually used up all my monthly passes for golf before I think to use the Dining feature. Most of all any golfer who loves to play every Saturday and Sunday, like I do, knows the value of keeping Momma happy and that's where the Lone Star Society shines the brightest in our house. 

My wife has used your Ticket Connection to book events for her and our daughter to attend at One World Theater, Bass Concert Hall, Frank Erwin Center, The Backyard and I even went along to see Tuna Christmas at the Paramount Theater. From sporting events to trips , my family and I have enjoyed them all.

I book the weekend tee times for our of guys at our club each week and have never hesitated to tout the advantages of Lone Star Society to any newcomers. If you use the many features of the Society, it expands the horizons of the club experience so much broader and makes it hands down the best bang for the buck out there.

To those who may be considering joining The Lone Star Society----I say "What are you waiting for??". Just pick up one of their monthly newsletters and tell me where you could possibly find so many great things to do with such wonderful people willing to help make your experience a memorable one.

My golf group calls me "The Godfather". So the Godfather says Lone Star Society will make you a deal you can't refuse. Thanks again for making this such a great experience.”

–Cliff Baize, Live Oak, Austin, TX


For concerts and shows


"The service the staff at Austin Society provides has always been simply put, excellent! My membership has allowed me to enjoy concerts and shows with premium seating to otherwise sold-out events." 

–Dee Leekha, Lost Creek CC, Austin, TX


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