Society provides expanded access to a collection of private clubs and premium benefits.

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Amy Jo Blevens
Area Network Manager

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Your benefits are up to you

There are as many ways to use Society benefits as there are Members with them. Based on testimonials we’ve received, here are some ways our Members use their Society benefits.

For entertaining clients

“I was entertaining clients as part of a very important day of meetings. With one call two days before the event, TicketLine got us great seats to the playoff game. It was extremely easy to impress my clients and have a great evening in a very cost effective way.”

– Member, Country Club

For golfing around town

“Having the golf benefit is one of the best benefits of Society. I get to play different courses around town several times a month. Society adds another benefit to my membership.”

– Member, Business Club

For having fun

“I have been using Society since the mid-1990s and have purchased and attended more than 300 events, everything from Jonas Brothers to the Stanley Cup.”

– Member, Country Club

How will you use Society? Contact us today.