Credits & Acknowledgements

The Digital Information Kiosk (known to some as "Club Hub") was designed and developed in Dallas, Texas at the ClubCorp USA, Inc. home office through the collaborative efforts of many employee partners from an array of departments and clubs. This Credits & Acknowledgements screen attempts to document the contributors and give thanks to each of them.

Executive Leadership

  • Jamie Walters: Executive Sponsor & Chief Motivation Officer

Design & Development

  • Banks Baker: Strategy, Project Management & Spiritual Guide
  • Lance Schlegel: Chief of the Web and Lead Interface & User Experience Officer
  • Scott Foster: Backend Guru, AV Adjustments & Comedic Relief
  • David Wen: Interface Insights, Background Design and Holder of the Fort
  • Sonja Canida: Analytics Artist, Bringing the G to the A with the VNI

Graphics & Branding

Kristy Morgan: Chief of Brand Stewardship & Graphic Design, McKenzie Meloy: Maven of Iconography, Ben Noe: Master of Graphic Design & Mockups, Daniel Reid: Lead for Copywriting & Broadsword Demonstration


Dan Tilley: CIO, Obstacle Clearing & Technology Enablement, Mike Morris: King of Hardware Coordination and Emergency Configuration

Rollout Support

Amy Keng: Global Cat Herder, Accounting Management & Travel Coordination, Murphy’s Deli: Dallas Catering & Weight Gain Consultant, Tom Isabella: Orlando Catering & Refreshments, Grande Bohemian Hotel: Surprise Auto Check-out Features, Avis Rent A Car: Ground Transportation & Donuts, American Airlines: Air Transportation & Peanuts (oh wait…no peanuts), GoGo Inflight: Seat 21D WiFi hotspot, Radio Shack: Emergency Cable Procurement, Holeman & Finch Public House: 10:10 PM Pre-burger Dessert