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Champions Classic Information

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Who May Qualify

All Country Club dues-paying Golf Members, their spouses and non-resident golf members; Business Club dues-paying Members and their spouses and non-resident dues-paying members. Membership must be maintained at least six months prior to the national event or six months following the national event.  In the event the full entry-fee amount is not raised during the qualifiers, the winning team will subsidize the remaining balance.

National Qualifying

Each club will qualify team(s) consisting of four home club members to represent their club in the Acura ClubCorp Champions Classic at Pinehurst Resort.

Local Qualifying

Each club will hold local qualifying tournaments to select their team. Check with your Golf Professional/Club Representative for details. The Golf Professional/Club Representative will determine handicap percentage for local qualifiers.

Team Rules

  • Each team must consist of four adult golf membership dues-paying members (including spouses) in good standing, male and/or female, with a maximum established USGA course handicap of 36.
  • Each team member must be a club golf member who meets USGA Amateur Golfer requirements at time of qualifying and the national event.
  • A member attempting to qualify must use a handicap index that is no more than three strokes higher than his or her lowest handicap index for the 12-month period prior to qualifying at any club.
  • A new member wishing to qualify will be required to have at least five scores at the home club before becoming eligible to compete if he/she does not have an established handicap.
  • New members must be a club member at least 6 months prior to or 6 months following the tournament.
  • All Golf Professionals must be employed by ClubCorp at time of event.