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Acura ClubCorp Champions Classic Rules & Regulations

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Champions Classic Information

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Ross Division Agenda

Fazio Division Agenda

2016 Acura Rules

5 player teams (1 pro, 4 members) shamble quota. Everyone will tee off from their respective tees, the team will select the best tee shot and everyone will play their own ball from that location through the remainder of the hole.

Determing Team Quota
Teams will be assigned a team quota based on the attached Team Course Handicap Quota Points Table. To find your team’s quota points, combine each of the four players’ course handicaps from their respective tees played and find the corresponding Team Quota Points for that handicap. Depending on handicaps, the team quota may be different on each course.

Team quotas will be adjusted 50% for rounds two and three based on the previous day’s score.

Each player records their respective score on the scorecard. The Golf Professional will convert the score to points using the table below. The best 3 of 5 points earned for that hole will become the team total. The three days of play will be added together to determine the overall winners. The teams with the THREE HIGHEST +/- total compared to their quota each day will be the winning teams.

Points will be earned as follows:

  • 1 point for gross bogey
  • 2 points for gross par
  • 3 points for gross birdie
  • 4 points for gross eagle
  • 6 points for gross double eagle
  • 6 points for a Hole-In-One

The team score will be the best 2 of 4 in qualifying rounds per hole.

Approximate Yardages for Play*

Men Amateurs and Professionals 6,500
Senior Men Amateurs and Lady Professionals 5,800
Lady Amateurs 5,200
*All yardages subject to change depending on weather and course conditions.