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Acura ClubCorp Champions Classic Rules & Regulations

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Champions Classic Information

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Ross Division Agenda

Fazio Division Agenda

2016 Acura Rules

U.S.G.A. Rules will govern all play with the following local rules:

Ball Placement

  • On the tee shot only, you may place the ball within one club length of the selected shot, but not nearer the hole. If a selected shot is played from a rough, hazard, fairway, sand bunker or fringe of the green, the ball may be placed within one club length of the selected shot, not nearer the hole, and it must remain in the rough, hazard, fairway, sand bunker or on the fringe of the green. 
(club length = 45 inches)
  • A teammate may stand behind a player to help determine the line. 

Determining Final Winners

  • At the national tournament, a sudden-death playoff will be used to determine the winning team in case of ties. Each team’s final round quota will be divided by 18 and rounded to the nearest tenth to determine the per hole quota. The first team to exceed or get closer to their quota wins the playoff.


  • If a team member(s) is unable to play, a player may be substituted.
  • No club or staff personnel may participate in this tournament in any capacity except as club golf professionals or club representative.
  • Each team will qualify with a four-person team at the local level. In the event a player has to cancel at the
last minute and there is not time to obtain a substitute, the team will play in the qualifier using a three-person format. At the national event, if a player becomes unable to participate and there is not a substitute available, the team will complete the tournament using a four-person format. If the club held a qualifier, and one of the winning members will not be able to attend, the substitute should be someone from the qualifying field if possible.
  • Plus (+) handicaps will play to actual handicap.
  • Golf professionals will play to zero 


  • Range finders will be allowed at the national event.

  • All golf equipment must conform to USGA regulations. 


  • Men will play from regular tees, seniors (age 65 + handicap index = 75) will play from senior tees, lady golf professionals will play from the senior tees and lady amateurs will play from ladies’ tees.


Two-stroke penalty

  • Incorrect score on scorecards
  • Sharing clubs

Any dispute or doubtful point on the rules of play shall be referred to the committee, whose decision shall be final.