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Women's Tennis Challenge Cup Information

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Each club team consists of two doubles teams (four players) from any two of the combined NTRP level 6.0 & below, 7.0 & below, 8.0 & below, or 8.5 and below. A club may have more than one "four player" team representing them. Team Rosters are submitted before the tournament begins.

Waterfall Feed-In

First round winners move to the right on the draw and first round losers move to the left (Consolation). Teams are then paired by pulling winners up and dropping the losers down on each side of the draw for a minimum of three more rounds or until one team remains undefeated. The format allows for protections of "same-club" and "same-city" pairings. If a "same-club" or "same-city" pairings occur in the bracketing on subsequent rounds, a "flip" is made with the next bracket to insure protections until final rounds require a "same-club/same city" match. 


Two points are earned for each match won until a team loses. After a loss, one point is earned for each win. If a division requires more than 4 rounds to determine the individual winner, team points for final team standings will be computed from the last round, back, for 4 rounds.  This insures equal point contributions of all flights for the final team standings. Ties in the final club standings will be broken by: 1) Head to head results, 2) Fewest matches lost, 3) Fewest sets lost, 4) Fewest games lost.

  • Winner 8 Points
  • Finalist(s) 6 Points
  • Semi-Finalist 5 Points
  • Quarter-Finalist 4 Points
  • Consolation Winner 4 Points
  • Consolation Runner Up 3 Points


All matches will be the best two of three sets, regular scoring, 12 point tiebreakers at 6-all. USTA rules govern play.    


If a player must withdraw during a match, that match is defaulted.  Substitutes are permitted for injury or illness in "next round matches", however, the match will be defaulted for "team" point values.  Substitutes must meet NTRP requirements. 

Court Surface

  • Har-Tru (grey clay) for all divisions


  1. First, second & third place Club
  2. Team members of first, second, & third place club
  3. Division winners and runners-up of each division
  4. Division winners of first round consolation (left side of draw)