Silversea Cruises

Adventure Begins at the Edge of the World

Let us take you closer to the authentic beauty of the world

The great beyond is now within reach — but it’s not always about how far you travel. It’s about what you feel in your soul when you experience each moment in its purest form. It’s the deafening silence of endless tundra and the echo of goldrush prospectors. The first glimpse of a polar bear paw and the last flash of the Northern Lights. From Alaska’s purple peaks to the red-hot volcanoes encircling the Russian Far East and pearl-white ice of the Arctic and Antarctica. Experience a sensory overload of the utmost magnitude. This is what is means to discover the authentic beauty of the world. Let Silversea take you there — and beyond.


If brushing tails with penguins and kayaking past colossal icebergs doesn’t ignite your adventurous spirit, plying the eponymous Drake Passage and stepping foot on the White Continent certainly will. Antarctica is nothing short of heart-stopping.

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