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Jack & Cathy Prince

Membership Type:Signature Gold Unlimited
Member Since:1999
Hometown:DeBary, FL

Jack and Cathy Prince have made a science out of using Signature Gold Unlimited. They carefully plan their trips around the ClubCorp calendar, keeping in mind that many of the country clubs are closed on Mondays and carefully checking the business club websites to find out when the dining rooms are open for dinner. And, once they’ve determined their destination, they aren’t averse to a few zigzags along the way if it allows them to visit some of their favorite clubs or experience new clubs within the program. Once the Princes have determined their itinerary, the simply email their reservation request to ClubLine, and the staff makes all the arrangements for them.

The Princes travels include spending a lot of time in their home state of Florida visiting the more than 20 clubs available, an annual trip up the East Coast to visit their children in New Jersey – during which they make stops along the way at clubs in Alabama, the Carolinas and Virginia – and once a year to Atlanta to play Bear’s Best and the eight other area clubs. Their favorite course so far was during a trip that took them all the way to Arizona: Anthem Golf & Country Club, with its sprawling fairways surrounded by Sonoran desert foothills and cactus plants, really won their hearts.

But it isn’t just the clubs winning the Princes over. The two love being on the road and meeting so many interesting people along the way – many of whom have become lifetime friends.