Built in 1999 by Nicklaus Design, Aliso Viejo Golf Club operated as a daily fee 27-hole course for over six years. In 2005, Shea Homes purchased part of the golf course to begin the Glenwood Project, a new golf course community in Aliso Viejo. This allowed ClubCorp to do what it does best, develop Orange County’s premier private Country Club.

The Nicklaus Design group worked diligently to redesign the course into an 18-hole course and construction began on a new Clubhouse. Thus, Aliso Viejo Golf Club was renamed Aliso Viejo Country Club, and the Club began selling Memberships to residents of Aliso Viejo.

The Community’s response was overwhelming. In fact, by the end of its first day in offering Founding Memberships, 76 Members were enrolled, with 100 Members enrolling within the first two weeks. The Club and its swift growing Membership continues to bring families together. On the Club’s 4th Anniversary (July 2011) we celebrated 475 Members, a full complement of golf Members, and have maintained that status ever since!