Hike Your Way to Better Health

Anthem Golf & Country Club sponsors approximately 20 hikes per season, beginning in late September/early October, continuing through late April. Most are day hikes, either a Wednesday or a Saturday, and can range from as short as you want to as long as 10 miles. Every season there are two overnight hikes that require a hotel stay: the Grand Canyon, and one in southern Arizona.

With Members’ safety in mind, our hikes are led by highly experienced hike leaders who are CPR and first aid certified. The hike leaders maintain contact through two-way radios or cell phones, as needed, should there be an issue of any kind. Hikes are designed to accommodate anyone from someone new to the trail to the most experienced hiker. 

With the exception of the overnight excursions, there is no cost to participate. The only costs involved are a carpooling fee, which ranges from $5 for Phoenix area hikes to $15 for distant north and south destinations. We also stop for lunch afterward at a delicious, but reasonably priced, restaurant. This gives one a chance to really get to know your fellow hikers. 

For more information, visit the Fitness Centers for a hike schedule or visit www.anthemhikers.com.

You may also contact hike leaders:

Curt Miller, ccmill@ameritech.net, 815.685.8488

Tammie Pearson, tammi_pearson@hotmail.com, 602-350-8640