Pickleball Courts at April Sound

April Sound Country Club has four taped, under cover Pickleball courts available at all times with the possibility of up to twelve taped Pickleball courts using covered and outdoor tennis courts.

Our players are all ages and levels, the focus of our program is ‘fun, fitness and friendship’. Some of our players compete others are recreational. We hold at least one social per month, inter-clubs and spontaneous get togethers.  Come on out a meet us on the Pickleball courts.

We have a certified Pickleball Instructors (IPTPA) on staff who are available for lessons. 


Classes taught by Mary | Sign-up with Marilyn | 936.588.7230

Each class will have a 4-lesson curriculum.  At the end of each session players will progress to next level.

Open Court | 4 courts available for Play 

Introductory/Beginner Class | Covers Intro to pickleball, grip, ready position, footwork, Intro to dink shot, groundstroke, serve, punch volley, third shot drop, lob, overhead

Advanced Beginner Class | Covers dink shot, various return of serve, different serves, third shot drop, getting to non-volley zone, what to do at the non-volley zone, scoring

Intermediate Class | Get to the NVZ, moving with a partner, communication, setting up your shot, play smarter not harder