Pool Rules

 1. All persons using the swimming pool must abide by the pool safety rules as set out in these Rules and Regulations and/or as posted in the pool area.

 2. Appropriate bathing attire is required and may only be worn in the pool area; cutoffs are prohibited.  Those present to supervise children may wear casual attire with rubber-soled shoes.  Cover-up attire and footwear must be worn to and from the swimming pool area.

 3. Conduct at the swimming pool must be such so as to furnish the greatest pleasure for the greatest number of participants.  The Swimming Pool Manager and Lifeguards are given full authority to enforce all swimming rules and regulations.

 4. A child who does not swim must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

 5. The swimming pool is open according to the posted schedule and is officially closed when posted or as advised by the lifeguards.

 6. All swimming pools will be closed in cases of inclement weather and/or emergency situations.  During electrical storms, no one shall remain in the swimming pool areas.  Lifeguard instructions must be followed during pool evacuations.

 7. All members must present a membership card at the check-in desk and register guests before entering the swimming pool area.  Members who bring children of other club members must present both families’ membership cards.

 8. No person shall enter the swimming pool at an unauthorized time or when a lifeguard is not on duty.  The swimming pool may be cleared approximately ten minutes before each hour for a safety check and/or lifeguard shift change.

 9. Children under fourteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

10. Children wearing diapers are not permitted in the pool.  For children who require diapers, only appropriate swim diapers are allowed.

11. The Kiddie Pool is for children 8 years of age and under and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

12. Should there be an emergency, all swimmers must cooperate with the lifeguards in clearing the swimming pool immediately.

13. Swimmers should remove all hairpins and clips, etc., before entering the pool or cover their heads with bathing caps.

14. Persons with open cuts or other infections must not enter the swimming pool areas.

15. Lifeguards have full discretion to require any person to pass a swimming proficiency test before being allowed to use the pool.

16. Flotation devices are not permitted in the pool without the permission of the lifeguard on duty.

17. Pool ladders should be kept clear at all times and no lingering.

18. Anyone who exhibits behavior which may be interpreted as detrimental to others will be asked to leave the premises.

19. Running, scuffling, snapping of towels, horseplay, or tag games around the swimming pool decks or immediate areas is prohibited. No flips or shallow diving is allowed. No shoulder riding is allowed.

20. Throwing of footballs, Frisbees, tennis balls, etc., in the swimming pool areas are allowed only at lifeguard discretion.  Beach balls and water balls are permitted.

21. Smoking and vaping are prohibited except in designated areas.

22. No foul or derogatory language is allowed.

23. No food or chewing gum is to be brought into the swimming pool areas by members or guests.

24. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the pool area (or any other area of the country club) from outside the property of the country club.  Alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the club at the cabana/bar, the patio, the Turn or the restaurant.

25. Glass containers of any type will not be permitted in the swimming pool areas.

26. All food and drinks must be consumed out of the pools (sides, decks, patio).

27. Trash should be placed in the containers conveniently located throughout the swimming pool areas.

28. Unnecessary talking to the lifeguard is discouraged.

29. Club towels are not to be brought into the swimming pool areas.  All persons using the pool furniture are required to cover the furniture with a towel when using suntan lotions to prevent staining and damage to the furniture.

30. Out of consideration for others, personal radios and televisions may only be used with earphones.

These swimming rules are subject to change by management.