Braemar Men's Club

Braemar Men's Club (BMC)

Five Reasons to Join The Men's Club:

  1. You must join the Men’s Club to participate in the 17 sponsored tournaments each year.
  2. You will become a member of the SCGA and establish your handicap.
  3. Variety of competitions. Every tournament is designed to level the playing field. Some tournaments are more serious than others but the goal is for everyone to have a good time. 
  4. The Men’s Club is the best, quickest way to get integrated into the club, meet new people, and build lasting relationships. 
  5. We have fun – great food, good prizes, good times. 

Applications are available in the Golf Pro Shop. Learn more at or click here for their Facebook page.

2017 Braemar Men’s Club Calendar

Jan 20: TOC Gala Event  
Jan 25: Four Man Shamble  
Feb 22: The Heritage  
Mar 30: President’s Cup Picking Party  
Apr 5: Red, White & Blue  
Apr 27: Director’s Cup Picking Party  
Apr 29 - 30: Senior Club Championship  
May 18 - 21: The Invitational  
June 9 - 11: Club Championship  
June 28: Summer Slam  
July 19: July Classic (SCGA Qualifier)  
Aug 3: Ryder Cup Picking Party  
Aug 5 - 6: Ryder Cup  
Aug 26: President’s Cup Finals  
Sept 16: Director’s Cup Finals  
Oct 4:  Par 3 Skill Challenge  
Oct 28 - 29: Guldahl Bash  
Nov 15: Turkey Scramble - Election Night  
Dec 9: Tournament of Champions  
Jan 13: TOC Gala Event  
*Dates subject to change.