Handicap Guidelines

Handicap – Guidelines and Posting

Handicap Committee

A handicap committee has been formed to monitor all BCC Member handicaps and score posting. Please make sure to post all your scores.

Handicap posting guidelines:

  1. Post all scores when at least seven holes are played. (7 holes are posted as a 9 hole score, 13 holes are posted as a 18 hole score). Holes not played are posted as par plus any handicap strokes to which the player is entitled.
  2. Post scores made under the rules of golf
  3. Post scores on all courses with a valid USGA course rating and slope rating.
  4. Post scores in all forms of competition: Match play, Stroke play and team competitions where players play their own ball. Check with the committee to see if the score is posted as a tournament (T) score.
  5. Post scores played under the local rule of “preferred lies.”
  6. A scorecard must be turned in for each score posted.
  7. Scores must be adjusted using: “Equitable Stroke Control” before posting to the handicap computer.
18-Hole Course 9-Hole Course Maximum
9 or less 4 or less Double Bogey
10 through 19 5 through 9 7
20 through 29 10 through 14 8
30 through 39 15 through 19 9
15 through 19 20 and above 10