Dress Code

All Members and guests are expected to be neat, well-groomed and wearing clothing appropriate for the activity in which they are participating. Maintaining an environment appropriate for a country club is part of our tradition at Brookhaven. Members and guests should use common sense and err on the side of propriety when considering dress options. Brookhaven reserves the right to deny access to anyone improperly dressed and appreciates your cooperation.

Main Clubhouse

Country club casual:  Preferably no jeans, no shorts, no cut-offs or tennis shoes. This includes all adults and children. No workout-type clothing or short shorts on anyone. Gentlemen may not wear tank tops in any area of the Club except the athletic facility.

The Grille

The Club Grill is a casual dining area of the Club, but swimsuits without cover-ups are not permitted, and shoes must be worn by everyone at all times.


The dress code is in effect for all golfers at all times while using the golf courses as well as all golf practice facilities.


Acceptable attire includes long slacks, walking shorts, golf shirts with collars or collar bands. Men’s shirts must be tucked in at all times. Blue denim, tank tops, T-shirts and exercise clothing are considered unacceptable attire.


Acceptable attire includes long slacks, cropped pants, walking shorts and golf skirts or skorts. Ladies’ shirts must have either sleeves or a collar. Blue denim, exercise clothing, halter tops, tank tops, T-shirts and short shorts are considered unacceptable attire.


Please wear proper tennis attire at all times. Tennis shoes and shirts are necessary at all times. No dark-soled jogging shoes are allowed on the courts. Cutoffs, golf shoes and swimsuits are not acceptable. Men need to wear shirts with sleeves.


Only exercise clothing may be worn in the fitness area. We ask that you do not wear any sort of jeans, jean shorts, work clothing, work boots, sleeveless shirts, including tank tops and sleeveless leotards. T-shirts with inappropriate slogans are not allowed. Proper athletic footwear (tennis, basketball, court, jogging or cross trainers) must be worn in the fitness area. No work shoes, street shoes, flip-flops, sandals or socks are allowed in the fitness area. Black-soled shoes are not permitted.

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