House Rules

Pace of Play

A good pace of play on a golf course allows for everyone to enjoy their day. At Canyon Crest, a required pace of play for a group of four is no more than 4 hours. If a group you are playing with is Out of Position (playing slowly), we ask for your cooperation to speed up by playing Ready Golf and working with our golf staff in possibly letting groups play through as needed.

To Play Ready Golf

  • After you complete a hole, record your score at the next tee box
  • Reduce the time searching for lost balls to three minutes
  • Continue putting
  • Forego honors on the tee, in the fairway or on the green
  • Take extra clubs with you to your golf ball
  • Prepare for your next shot while you’re playing partner plays theirs
  • Limit the number of practice swings

Course Etiquette

To maintain our beautiful surroundings and tranquil atmosphere, we ask all Members to observe proper golf etiquette. Remember to repair divots and ball marks, dispose of trash, rake bunkers and be courteous to fellow golfers.

Dress Code

  • No denim is allowed on the course or practice facilities 
  • Men must wear shirts with collars and shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • Women shirts must have collars or sleeves