Board of Governors

The Capital Club Board of Governors is very distinguished and diverse, representing Chinese and foreign business leaders.

Chairman: Wang Jun


Howard Balloch, The Balloch Group

Ernst H. Behrens, Deutsche Bank (China) Co. Ltd.

Tom Behrens-Sorensen, Navisino (Beijing) Advisors Ltd.

Jim Taylor, ConocoPhillips China

Sabina Brady, US-China Energy Cooperation Program

Philip Carmichael, IPC China

Doris Wan Cheng, Asset Delta International

Chen Wen, Zhonglun W & D Law Firm

Clinton Dines, Caledonia Investment Asia

Feng Lun, Beijing Vantone Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Victor Gao, Daiwa Capital Markets Hong Kong Limited

Raymond Kelly, Gilt Edge International (Group) Ltd.

Angela Lloyd, H & A Capital Limited

Richard F. Liu, WiseUp China Inc.

Liu Wei Shen, China Financial Shenghua Biotech Group

James McGregor, APCO Worldwide

Darry Ong, SPT Energy Group Inc.

Elyse Silverberg, US – Chindex Medical Limited

Wang Shuan Hong, 
Green Group

Allan Warburg, Bestseller Fashion Group Ltd.

Zhang Hong Wei, 
Oriental Group

Zhang Xing Sheng, The Nature Conservancy China Program