Golf Etiquette

  • Proper etiquette and sportsmanship are appropriate at all times.
  • Do not waste time.  Be ready to hit your shot when it is your turn to play.
  • When approaching a green, drive your golf cart onto the nearest cart path and proceed to the back of the green.  Never leave the golf cart in the front of the green.
  • When a hole is completed, leave the green promptly and proceed to the next tee without delay.
  • Enter the bunker from the low side; never walk up or down the banks.
  • Repair any damage, ball marks on the greens.  Carefully rake the bunkers and place the rake on the outer edge of the bunker.
  • Golfers are reminded that the residential properties adjacent to the golf course are privately owned.
  • Golfers may not hit golf shots or drive golf carts on residential properties.

Guest Play

  • Guests must be registered by a Member at the Golf Shop.  Members bear responsibility for the actions of their guests.
  • Unaccompanied guests are defined as guests not playing in the same foursome as the sponsoring Member.
  • Unaccompanied guests may play Tuesday through Thursday only.
  • No guests may play on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays before 10 a.m. from May 10 through October 11.  “Extraordinary” circumstances with a 48-hour approval from the director of golf may allow for an exception to this rule.
  • A Guest of a Member may play at the Club a maximum of five (5) times per calendar year, excluding Member-Guest Tournaments and inter-club matches.
  • Outings must be properly sponsored by a Member and approved by the Club.  An Outing consists of more than two foursomes.