Competitive Golf


For information on any of our groups or to find out how to join one or more of our fun associations, please stop in or call the pro shop.

  • Women's Golf Association (WGA)
  • Women's Nine-Hole Association (WNHA)
  • Men's Golf Association (MGA)
  • Summer Junior Programs
  • Junior Golf Association
  • Beginners Program 

Golf Association Schedules

  • MGA 18 hole Men’s league - Shotgun start every Thursday morning. Format varies each week. 
  • WGA 18 hole Ladies’ league - Shotgun start every Wednesday morning. Format varies each week.
  • WNHA 9 hole Ladies’ League - Format varies each week.
  • Saturday Open Men’s Golf- tee times starting at about 8am. Pairings are at random after Members finish their round.

Association participation is critical for New Members who play golf. With over 100 Members in each group it is a great way to meet other golfers and acclimate quickly. 

Monthly Tournaments and Events

Your leagues provide some of the most exciting golf tournaments around. Here, you’ll play challenging rounds, meet fellow Members and, with any luck, win some great prizes.


  • The Chili Open Tournament


  • Plantation Mixed Pairs Championship


  • MGA/WGA Challenge to Victory
  • Cleats and Sneaks Tennis/Golf tournaments


  • Men’s Invitational 3-day Tournament


  • Member/Member 3-day Tournament


  • Ryder Cup 2 –day tournament


  • Couples Championship
  • Charity Classic 
  • Men’s Plantation Cup
  • WGA Championship


  • Women’s/Men’s Open Club Championship
  • Women’s/Men’s Senior and Super Senior Championship


  • WNHA Championship
  • Ladies Plantation Cup 

For more information or questions, contact us today!