Safety & Consideration

  • Fitness locker room bath towels are not for pool use. Beach towels must be brought from home when coming to the pool.
  • Drinking and eating is allowed only in the designated assigned areas surrounding the pool. Under no circumstances are glass, coolers or outside food allowed in the pool area at any time.
  • No swimming is allowed during lightning or thunderstorms.
  • Running, dunking, rough play and noisy or hazardous activity are not allowed in the pool areas, including the pool locker rooms. Pushing and dangerous games are also not allowed.
  • No playing on or around the ladders, lane ropes or steps.
  • Splashing should be kept in the pool.
  • Snorkeling equipment, other than a mask, should not be used in the pool except as part of an authorized course.
  • Toys, floatation devices, kick boards and balls are not allowed in the pool area unless authorized by the aquatic staff. These items, however, are allowed in the kiddie pool.
  • Please do not reserve lounge chairs.
  • The guard shack/areas are restricted to Club Employees only.