Dress Code

Dress Guidelines 

Dress throughout the Club is casual. Bathing attire is not allowed in the clubhouse. Appropriate and acceptable denim of any type or color is allowed only on Friday evenings in the clubhouse Grill and Veranda after 5 PM. Please refrain from wearing hats in the dining room. 

Proper attire is required on the golf course and tennis courts. Please no tank tops, cutoffs, short shorts or running shorts in the dining room, grill, lounge area, driving range or golf course. Please do not wear shorts or other unacceptable attire in the dining room after 6 PM, or at any evening function, unless otherwise allowed by a special event such as Country and Western Night, a costume dress event or any event that starts prior to the evening function. 


Proper golfing attire should be worn on the golf course and practice areas. Members are responsible for the proper attire of their guests. 

Ladies: Slacks, Bermuda shorts or skirts and appropriate blouses. Please no jeans, cutoffs, short shorts, tank tops or halter tops. 

Men: Slacks or Bermuda shorts and shirts with sleeves and collars or mock-collars. Please no jeans, cutoffs or tank tops.