Dress Code

Members, their dependents and their guests shall use good taste in their attire while in the clubhouse and dining areas and while using the course and practice facilities.  

While “good taste” is difficult to legislate, the following minimum standards apply:

  • Golfers shall wear shirts with collars and sleeves. 
  • Female Golfers may wear sleeveless shirts with collars or collarless shirts with sleeves. 
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Shorts, if worn, must be loose fitting Bermuda-style, preferably knee length; in no case can they be shorter than three inches above the knee. 
  • Tennis shorts, Umbros, beach shorts, bathing suits and athletic wear are not permitted. 
  • Blue denim jeans or shorts are prohibited. 
  • No bare feet or rubber thongs are permitted in the Clubhouse. 
  • Changing shoes in the parking lot is prohibited. Please make use of our locker room facilities. 
  • Only non-metal spiked golf shoes are permitted on the course and in the Clubhouse.

Members should advise dependents and guests of these policies and are responsible for their adherence to these standards.  The Club staff will restrict access to the Clubhouse, Course and Practice Facilities by any person not appropriately dressed.  To avoid any embarrassment to your dependents and guests, please inform them of the Club’s dress code policy.