In addition to carts, we offer a variety of Golf Services.  Check with the Pro Shop to find out more.

Golf Instruction

Private, individual, group, video and on-course golf instruction is available through the Diamond Run Golf professional staff.  We offer a full range of instruction on all facets of the game for all ability levels.

Playing Lessons

Truly different from the traditional lesson, nine-hole playing lessons offer a unique and refreshing way to approach the golf course.

Custom Club Fitting

Diamond Run has the Vector Launch Monitor to provide the latest technology in club fitting.  Properly fit equipment is crucial to maximizing your potential.

Video Lessons

Diamond Run has the JC Video Teaching System, a state-of-the-art teaching system allows you to see what the instructor sees and helps you understand the need for changes.

Locker Rental

Men’s and Women’s full locker services are available.

Bag Storage

Annual bag storage is available as well as overnight bag storage.