Kid's Club

Kids' Club Information

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday | 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Tuesday & Thursday - Saturday | 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM | 2 Hours Free with Dinner Entree Purchase

Saturday | 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM 

Kid's Club
Coming in for a tee time, tennis match, or a quick work out in the Fitness Center? Drop your kids off in the Kid’s Club and we’ll keep them engaged and entertained while you enjoy our club’s various amenities!

Hourly Pricing
$8 per Hour | First Child
$6 per Hour | Second Child
$4 per Hour | Each Additional Child

Kid's Club Programs

Coming in for a tee time, tennis match, or a quick work out in the Fitness Center? Drop your kids off in the Kid’s Club and we’ll keep them engaged, entertained and having fun while you enjoy our club’s various amenities! Guardian must stay on club property!  

The rate for Kid’s Club is $8 per hour for the 1st child, $6 per hour for the 2nd child and $4 for any additional. Children must be at least six months old, and no older than twelve years of age to participate in the Kid’s club. Since we are a non-licensed daycare, children may only be in our care for a maximum of 4.5 hours per day and up to 12 hours per week and parents must stay on the Fair Oaks Ranch premises.   

We are a non-changing diaper facility.  We will give you a call or text to let you know if your child needs to be changed.

Kid's Night Out … TWO Hours Free!   

Come on any of the evening shifts and get two hours free of childcare! Just show us the receipt of a purchased adult entree and you are good to go! Our goal is to make sure the kids are actively having a great time! 
The hourly rate will apply after the first two hours of your child’s stay with us. 

Drop-Off | 5:00 PM 
Pick-Up | 9:00 PM     

Monthly Kid's Club Membership
If you are finding yourself using Kid’s Club a lot then this is the way to go! The monthly membership for Kid’s Club includes any hours of operation for Kid’s Club during the AM.  

AM Shifts ONLY | Up to 12 Hours per Week & 4.5 Hours per Day
$30 | 1 Child
$40 | 2 Children
$60 | 3 or more Children

Summer Programs

Summer Camps
Need some outdoor fun?! We have great day-to-day activities, enriching field trips, and lots of fun planned activities for your kiddos. Each week we have a different theme to keep them excited and engaged. We will enjoy outdoor exploring, golf, tennis, pool time and special visits from outside vendors!!! We will make sure your kids have a fun summer!

Due to high attendance, we ask Members to call ahead to make a reservation. This will ensure your child’s spot and that our staff stays within the state ratio codes. If there is no reservation and the Kid's Club has reached its maximum Staff-to-Child ratio, you may have to wait until we are able to accept your child/children. For Friday evening reservations, we ask you to contact Kids’ Club prior to 9 PM, Thursday. An additional $10 will be charged if you made a reservation and do not show.

Contact Katie Francis to find out more!

RESERVATIONS | 210.582.6734