Membership Categories


Firestone Country Club has always been a favorite place for creating and maintaining business relationships among major corporations in the Cleveland/Akron/Canton areas.  Our traditions of fine service, warm and friendly staff and three of the premier golf courses in the world all combine to create business relationships that will last a lifetime.  At Firestone Country Club, we place great emphasis on meeting and exceeding member expectations. 

All applicants to membership are subject to the approval of the Admissions Committee. Members may be Resident, Non-Resident or International. Non-Resident Memberships are available only to people whose principal place of business and primary residence are 50 miles or more from Firestone Country Club. International Memberships are available to people whose principle place of business and residence is outside North America. 

Individual Memberships are Firestone Country Club include:

  • Resident
  • Non-Resident
  • International
  • Junior (35 and under)
  • Senior (70 and over)

Contact our Membership Director to find out more about joining Firestone Country Club.


A Corporate Membership is comprised of any number of designees from the same corporate entity.  A designee may be a director, officer or employee designated by the corporate entity to be entitled to membership privileges.  The first and second designees of a Corporate Membership are required to remit the then current initiation fee.  The third, fourth, and fifth designees are required to remit one-half of the then-current initiation fee.  Additional designees are not required to pay an initiation fee. 

In a Corporate Membership of a combination of Resident, Non-Resident and International Members, any two Resident designees are considered the first and second designees and are required to remit the full Resident initiation fee. 

Contact us to find out more about Corporate Memberships.