Our Courts and Facility


Members and their Guests enjoy Hackberry Creek’s Tennis facilities and capabilities

  • Members can reserve a court, for up to 1½ hours. Members are strongly encouraged to make court reservations during peak times such as evenings, weekends, and during tournaments.
  • A ball machine may be reserved and rented by the hourly, or you may join the “Ball Machine Club” for a yearly fee, with unlimited use by the whole family. Call ahead and reserve the ball machine and it will be on the court waiting for you.
  • Members are charged a daily fee for each of their guests. Guests are allowed to play at the club twice per calendar month. Members should report their guests to the tennis staff.
  • The Hackberry Creek C.C., tennis pro shop offers competitive pricing on the latest racquets and footwear from Wilson, Head, Babolat, and Prince, with an extensive demo program available. One day, on-site professional racquet stringing is available using the newest Wilson electronic stringer, along with a wide variety of strings for those looking for durability, playability, or spin.
  • Members of other ClubCorp clubs are required to pay the regular guest fee when playing tennis at Hackberry Creek C.C.
  • A One Member must call the ClubCorp “Club Line” anytime he or she wishes to play at another ClubCorp club.  The “Club Line” staff will call the club at which the One Member wishes to play, reserve a court, and confirm that reservation with the One Member.
  • If a One Member wishes to join an existing reservation, at another ClubCorp club, the One Member must call the “Club Line” so that he or she may be added to the reservation.
  • The One Member will not pay a guest fee, but will be charged any applicable indoor tennis fees.  
  • Guests are allowed to play on a Hackberry Creek inter club team for 1 season, after which time the guest must join, or no longer play for the team (4.0+ players are not limited to one season).  The one inter club season guest fee is $50.