Membership Categories

As a Member of Las Colinas Country Club, you enjoy access to ClubCorp's industry-leading network of more than 200 private clubs and resorts and more than 700 renowned hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

When you decide to become a Member, you are making a decision that will continue to pay dividends for the rest of your life. These dividends are not measured in dollars, but are measured in the lifelong friendships and memories you create as a Member here. No distractions, no interruptions, just quality family time, business networking and resort-style living without the need to leave your own backyard.

Membership at Las Colinas Country Club is by invitation, via a current Club Member or the membership committee. It is the right and privilege of each Member to personally nominate and sponsor friends, family members and colleagues to membership at the Club. This process helps to ensure the compatibility of Members at the Club and helps to keep a healthy membership roster. 

Candidates for membership who do not have a Member Sponsor can be introduced to a Member sponsor through the membership committee. All memberships allow privileges for the Member, spouse and dependent children age 23 and under. Find a category for you and enjoy Las Colinas Country Club.