Marsh Creek Tennis Leagues

Leagues are played year-round, but with Country Club Interclub play from September to April and USTA play from February to August. Some are age-specific, some are divided according to skill level, and some are a combination of both. If you are interested in more information about league play, contact the Tennis and Fitness Center.


There are almost 60 men representing Marsh Creek in the Senior Men’s Tennis League. Play goes from September through April, and all skill levels are represented. Participating clubs are from southern Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Ponte Vedra.

In addition, the Club participates in the Jacksonville Country Club League, and has two 6-week sessions in the fall and spring. This league fosters play among our various skill levels and enhances camaraderie among our players.


We currently have over 140 ladies representing Marsh Creek in four different leagues. Play commenced in September, and continues through April. Regardless of your skill level, we have a team for you. The rosters, schedules, and current standings of each team and league is posted on the Tennis & Fitness Center Bulletin Board.

For rosters, schedules, and current standings of each team and league, please contact the Tennis & Fitness Center at 904.471.1617 or MarshCreekTennis@gmail.com.