Marsh Creek Tennis Lessons & Clinics

Marsh Creek Country Club offers outstanding tennis lessons and clinics for players of all ages and abilities. Individual and small group lessons can be arranged to fit your schedule, or you may wish to participate in a clinic.

Clinics are group training and development sessions given by one of our tennis professionals. Most of our clinics are one hour in length and are for players at a specific skill level (i.e. “A” are the most skilled players, “B” the next most skilled, etc.). New to the game? We offer beginner clinics designed specifically for new players.

 The schedule for our other clinics follows:

  • Ladies “A” | Monday | 9:30 AM
  • Ladies “B” | Monday | 10:30 AM
  • Ladies “C” | Monday | 8:30 AM
  • Ladies “D” | Wednesday | 8:30 AM
  • Open Drill & Technique | Saturday | 9:00 AM
  • Open Drill & Play | Saturday | 10:00 AM

For our most current schedule or more information, please call the Tennis and Fitness Center at 904.471.1617 or MarshCreekTennis@gmail.com.