Personal Training

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Healthy Lifestyle

For those who may be new to the club, have been away from the gym or are looking to change up their usual routine this is a great program to try. This program is designed to jumpstart your fitness level, focus on your nutrition, health and over all well being. Our trainers will design a program with your personal goals and needs in mind. 

Sports Performance

Our sports performance program is designed for those athletes looking to improve their game and scores. Regardless of age our certified sports performance specialists will improve your speed, agility & quickness on the courts as well as your power on the links. The program will focus on mobility, core strength, power and flexibility.

Injury Prevention and Post Rehab

This program is designed for those who are looking to play and live pain free as well as those who may be recovering from a previous injury and need to continue their post physical therapy treatment. 

Small Group Training

For those who enjoy the company of a group setting. Small group training is ideal for those who are looking for first class coaching at a fraction of the cost. Our trainers will customize their programming for any individual in the group.

Fitness Classes

Here at Morgan Run we offer a wide variety of fitness classes throughout the week. Our expert team of instructors are here to provide a healthy fun environment that will teach, educate and motivate you to a better you.


The staff of personal trainers at Morgan Run is dedicated to providing the ultimate in world class coaching and training. Our personal trainers have degrees in exercise science, kinesiology or similar health related fields and have been certified through various and distinguished governing bodies that hold high standards of excellence.