Our Team

Kathryn Brady

Role: Private Events Coordinator
Serving Since: 2013
Phone Number: 817.275.3092 x2371
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Kathryn Brady is a Minnesota native, who relocated to Texas. She is coming to Shady Valley after several years at Trophy Club Country Club. Kathryn has a background in food and beverage service as well as customer service. She is eager to use her knowledge from her years in the service industries to ensure each member has a wonderful time at shady valley. Her goal is to individualize member experiences, help members maximize use of their membership, and facilitate activities and events to create lasting memories.  She is grateful to be part of memorable events in your lives at Shady Valley.

When she is not hard at work, Kathryn enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading, and doing outdoor activities.

Ashley Hobbs

Role: Member Relations Coordinator
Serving Since: 2017
Phone Number: 817.275.3092 x2355
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Ashley Hobbs has been with Shady Valley since May of 2017. She spent 4 years prior to that as a manager for Planet Tan. She is currently studying Communication at the University of North Texas with a minor in Journalism. Ashley spends her time at work running the front desk, member services, and making sure the membership has fun and unique events to attend each month. She also runs all of the social media sites, and does the in house marketing for Shady Valley.

Outside of work, Ashley enjoys working out, reading, traveling, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

Felix Barrientos

Role: Food & Beverage Director
Serving Since: 2012
Phone Number: 817.275.3092 x2374
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Felix Barrientos, Executive Chef/ Food & Beverage Director at Shady Valley Country Club, was raised in Dallas, TX. Where he was exposed to a style of cooking that fused unique tex-mex culture and traditional American influences to create a flavorful masterpiece.

From early on, Felix knew he enjoyed creating food to please his friends and family. Taking advice from his father and mother, Felix decided to make sure he would like working in a professional kitchen and applied for the job as a prep cook at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX. Felix didn't just like it, he loved it and his professional career was born. After two years at Children’s, Felix moved to Fort Worth to assist with Courtyard Villa in Arlington, TX. One year later, Felix began a serious culinary study under Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts school. After 15 months of working and going to school, to which he eventually became the culinary supervisor at the Omni Hotel, Felix cooking evolved to the point that he became chef at TCC Southeast camps in Arlington, TX.

After he joined the Club Corp family at Brookhaven Country Club, Felix had the opportunity move to Shady Valley Country Club where he became the Executive Chef in 2014. In the summer of 2017 Felix moved up in the chain as a Food & Beverage Director. On his culinary journey, Felix has participated in the various culinary competitions, around the DFW. He also has assisted in recipe development for Club Corp.

Outside of creating culinary masterpieces throughout the nation, 36-year-old Felix enjoys spending time with wife Raven, a kids their 15-year old son Alejandro and 6 year old son Kasyn.

Karen Reed

Role: Office Manager
Serving Since: 2017
Phone Number: 817.275.3092 x2372
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